Continuing Christ’s saving work

Not content to leave His people with simply the memory of His redeeming love, Christ chose His Apostles to shepherd and provide the sacraments to His people. While the whole Church is a priestly people, sharing in Christ’s ministry by their daily sacrifices, prayers and spreading of the Gospel, God continues to call specific people to continue His saving work on earth until the end of time. These people are priests.

A Calling

Above all, the priesthood is a calling. Christ asks of some men the sacrifice of their lives in following Him as His more intimate companions. From all eternity, certain men are called to the priesthood. It is a call reflecting God’s ultimate plan for their life and because of this, it is a call that will bring them fulfillment. Thus, the priesthood is not simply one occupation among many. It is a way of life through which God invites a man to enter more deeply in relationship with Him.

A Sacrament

The priesthood is a sacrament. Sacraments are physical means through which God’s grace is experienced in the world. The sacrament of the priesthood (called holy orders) is the visible way through which Christ continues His mission in the world today.

A Life of Sacrifice

The priesthood is a life of sacrifice and a life of service because it mirrors the life of Christ. Yet where there is love, sacrifice is joyful, not burdensome.

The Need

We live in a moment in history when so many people are searching for meaning. What is the meaning of my life? Where am I to find the happiness that I desire? Our being cries out for meaning, for purpose, and, if we are honest with ourselves, for love.

God has not left us alone. He has heard our cries for love, for mercy, for justice, for beauty, for goodness, for truth. And He has loved us so much that He has become man and dwelt among us. He has sent His Son, Jesus Christ, as an answer to human longing.

Christ instituted the priesthood so we would not be alone. It is the priest who makes present Christ Himself in the Eucharist through the daily offering of Holy Mass. It is the priest who helps lead men and women to God. The world needs priests, because ultimately the world needs Christ.

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Rev. Brian Becker

Vocations promoter

“The priesthood is the love of the heart of Jesus. When you see a priest, think of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

St. John Mary Vianney,
Patron saint of parish priests
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