Presbyteral Council & Vicars Forane

Presbyteral Council

The Presbyteral Council is a group of priests chosen to advise the bishop in the governance of the diocese. Required by Church law, the council represents all priests in the diocese and is “like a senate of the bishop” (Code of Canon Law 495 §1), with about half the members elected by the priests and others appointed by the bishop.

Officers 2023-2024

PresidentMost Reverend Michael Martin, OFM Conv.
ChairmanRev. Benjamin Roberts
Vice ChairmanRev. W. Christian Cook
SecretaryRev. Matthew Codd
TreasurerVery Rev. John Putnam, J.V.


Term Began Term Ends Member Position
2021 2024 Rev. Brian Becker Elected
2021 2024 Rev. Cory Catron Appointed
2021 2024 Rev. Casey Coleman Appointed
2021 2024 Rev. Paul Gary Elected
2021 2024 Rev. Stephen Hoyt Appointed
2021 2024 Rev. John Michalowski, S.J. Elected
2021 2024 Rev. Benjamin Roberts Elected
2022 2025 Rev. Matthew Codd Elected
2022 2025 Rev. Elias Correa, O.S.B. Elected
2022 2025 Very Rev. Christopher Gober, V.F. Appointed
2022 2025 Rev. Mark Lawlor Appointed
2022 2025 Rev. Richard Sutter Elected
2022 2025 Rev. Jean-Pierre Swamunu Elected
2023 2026 Rev. Peter Ascik Appointed
2023 2026 Rev. Paul Buchanan Elected
2023 2026 Rev. Patrick Cahill Elected
2023 2026 Rev. W. Christian Cook Appointed
2023 2026 Rev. David McCanless Elected
2023 2026 Rt. Rev. Abbot Placid Solari, O.S.B. Elected

Ex Officio Members

Rev. Msgr. Roger Arnsparger, Vicar for Education: For Catechetical Formation
Very Rev. Julio Dominguez, Vicar for Hispanic Ministry
Very Rev. John Putnam, Judicial Vicar
Very Rev. Timothy Reid, Vicar for Education: For Catholic Schools
Rev. Msgr. Patrick Winslow, Vicar General

Vicars Forane

Sometimes called a dean, a vicar forane is a priest appointed by the bishop to promote a common pastoral activity in a region of the diocese and to provide spiritual and pastoral counsel to the other priests in that region, according to Church law. The Diocese of Charlotte has 10 vicariates:


Smoky Mountain

Very Reverend Peter Shaw, V.F.


Very Reverend Adrian Porras, V.F.


Reverend Stephen Hoyt, V.F.


Very Reverend Herbert Burke, V.F.


Very Reverend John Hanic, V.F.


Very Reverend John F. Starczewski, V.F.


Very Reverend John Eckert, V.F.


Very Reverend Peter L. Fitzgibbons, V.F.


Reverend Monsignor Anthony Marcaccio, V.F.


Very Reverend Christopher M. Gober, V.F.

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