Special needs faith formation: All are welcome

Every human being is created in the image and likeness of God. People with developmental disabilities and intellectual challenges deserve equal access to spiritual formation and learning opportunities according to their capabilities.

Thanks to the efforts of the Diocesan Special Needs Resource Group for Persons who are Differently-Abled, which assesses the needs of parishes across the diocese and provides information about faith formation for people with special needs, we can help you and your family find appropriate faith formation options near you. Contact us below to get started.

In addition, our 9 Charlotte-area Catholic schools (MACS) and Our Lady of Grace Catholic School in Greensboro also offer a range of programs for students with special needs, providing individualized learning from kindergarten through the 12th grade. Learn more here.

The Bridge Religious Education Program at St. Matthew Catholic Church in Charlotte, N.C., is an example of the faith formation options available for families with special needs children. (Courtesy of St. Matthew TV)

Contact Us

Christopher A. Beal

Director of Catechetical & Faith Formation
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