A sacrament is an outward sign established by Jesus Christ and entrusted to the Church to confer inward grace. In more basic terms, it is a rite performed to convey God’s grace to the recipient, through the power of the Holy Spirit. The seven sacraments are grouped into three categories: initiation (Baptism, Eucharist, Confirmation); healing (Penance, Anointing of the Sick); and service (Marriage, Holy Orders). For details about preparing yourself or a family member for a sacrament, see the general information below and contact your local parish for specifics about classes and other requirements.

Sacraments of Christian Initiation

Sacraments of Healing

Sacraments of Service

“The sacraments are not mere appearances, they are not rituals;
they are the power of Christ; Jesus Christ is present in the sacraments.”

Pope Francis
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