World Mission Sunday: One Family in Mission

In 1926 Pope Pius XI instituted an annual collection for the missionary work of the Church worldwide, with the first collection taken in October 1927. Since then, the World Mission Sunday collection is always taken on the next to last Sunday in October. This day is celebrated in all the local Churches as the feast of catholicity and universal solidarity – so Christians the world over may join in our shared responsibility to evangelize.

The collection supports the Pontifical Mission Societies, the pope’s missionary arm that fuels the Catholic Church’s evangelizing work across the globe and its 1,100 mission dioceses – mostly in Asia and Africa, but also in Oceania, as well as in remote regions of Latin America and parts of Europe.
100% of donations from the Diocese of Charlotte’s Mission Sunday collection goes to benefit the Church’s missions around the world. Specifically, your donations help:

  • Build churches.
  • Guarantee the formation of priests and religious men and women during the various stages of their religious life.
  • Sustain dioceses in places where the Church is too young or too poor to be self-sufficient.
  • Finance schools and other facilities aimed at the catechesis of children.
  • Support clinics to care for the vulnerable, elderly and dying.

How you can help

  • Pray! World Mission Sunday is our chance to show love and solidarity to our brothers and sisters overseas who share our faith. In offering our prayers, we join with missionaries everywhere in communion and compassion to support them in spreading the Good News.

  • Give generously to the World Mission Sunday collection at your parish.
  • Promote World Mission Sunday and the Church’s missionary work on your social media to raise public awareness.
  • Talk to your friends and family about World Mission Sunday and how their generosity can impact others – bringing God’s love, mercy, hope and peace to the poor.
  • Become a missionary in your own parish! No one is too young, or too old, to help our brothers and sisters in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Oceania. Click here to sign up for the Pontifical Mission Societies’ newsletter and podcast.

“Everyone must be missionary – everyone can hear that call of Jesus
and go forth and proclaim the Kingdom!”

Pope Francis
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