Diocese of Charlotte Mission Cooperative Appeal Plan
Application Agreement

I understand…

For missionaries serving in the U.S.:

  • The mission speaker must have completed a Safe Environment program.
  • The mission speaker must have completed a criminal background check with no problems arising.

For missionaries serving internationally:

  • If the sending country does background checks one must have been completed with no problems arising.
  • The mission speaker must:
    • be in good standing.
    • have no canonical or criminal charges filed against him/her.
    • be of good morals and integrity.
    • Receipt of this application does not indicate acceptance in the Mission Cooperative Appeal Plan.
    • If I do not hear from the Diocese of Charlotte by the end of April, my mission group has not been accepted and I may apply for the next calendar year.
    • It is to the benefit of the mission group in making an appeal if the mission speaker speaks fluent English and has public speaking experience.
    • If a speaker cannot honor a confirmed date, the speaker should notify the host parishes and the Office of Missions immediately. An alternative speaker should be presented by the mission group.
    • The speaker should prepare to reflect at all Masses on the appeal weekend. Reflections should be kept to a maximum of 10 minutes. The speaker should focus on helping the faithful learn about the mission world today, the accomplishments of the mission group, and specific examples of their mission experience and work. Speakers are asked to relate their missionary message to the Sunday readings when possible.
    • Speakers should make their mission appeal after Communion when announcements are made, preceding the final blessing. Visiting clergy may give the homily according to the dictates of the Roman Missal.
    • In cases where the visiting missionary celebrates Mass or presides at other sacramental activity, appropriate compensation should be offered directly to the missionary per the standard diocesan stipend policy and should not come from the Mission Cooperative Appeal Plan collection.
    • At least three weeks before the mission appeal, the missionary should send information about the mission organization to their assigned parish(es). The information may be placed in the parish bulletin for introduction purposes of the mission appeal speaker.
    • Speakers may not distribute any materials or solicit magazine subscriptions, memberships, or in any way gather names and addresses while at the parish.
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