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The Diocese of Charlotte’s offices of the Vicar General and the Chancellor operate together under the authority of the bishop and vicar general/chancellor. The Vicar General is a priest entrusted by the diocesan bishop with executive power to assist him with the administration of the diocese. The Chancellor is responsible for gathering, arranging, and safeguarding acts of the diocesan curia for the diocesan archives, and assisting parishes with maintaining sacramental records.

Helpful Information

Sacramental emergencies

If you have a sacramental emergency (someone who is in imminent danger of dying and wishes to receive the sacraments), contact the church nearest your location and ask for a priest.

Holy days of obligation

Holy days of obligation are days on which the faithful are obliged to go to Mass, unless excused for a serious reason such as illness or disability, the care of infants or care for others who are ill, or prevented through no fault of their own (see Catechism of the Catholic Church 2180-2181). In the Diocese of Charlotte, Roman Catholics have the following holy days of obligation:

  • All Sundays
  • Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God – always celebrated January 1, and a holy day of obligation unless it falls on a Saturday or a Monday
  • Ascension of the Lord – transferred from the Thursday of the sixth week of Easter to the seventh Sunday of Easter
  • Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary – always celebrated August 15, and a holy day of obligation unless it falls on a Saturday or a Monday
  • All Saints Day – always celebrated November 1, and a holy day of obligation unless it falls on a Saturday or a Monday
  • Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary – always celebrated December 8
  • Nativity of the Lord (Christmas) – always celebrated December 25
 Also, these two holy days have been permanently transferred to Sundays in the Diocese of Charlotte:
  • Epiphany of the Lord – transferred to the first Sunday after January 1
  • Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ (Corpus Christi) – transferred to the second Sunday after Pentecost

If you are not sure about whether you may be excused from Mass, please speak to a priest.

See the complete 2024 liturgical calendar for the United States (in English and Spanish):

Written papal blessings on parchment for special occasions are available through the Vatican’s Office of Papal Charities (the Elmoniseria Apostolica). This office both collects alms for the pope’s charities and produces papal blessings. Proceeds from parchment donations are distributed to the poor. Request a parchment online by clicking on the headline above.

Click on the headline above to request tickets for papal audiences and liturgies through the Bishops’ Office for United States Visitors to the Vatican, get information about Vatican tours, and find more useful tips for pilgrims.

For Other Dioceses

Visiting clergy letter of good standing (Celebret)

A Letter of Good Standing following USCCB guidelines is required for all clergy who wish to minister in the Diocese of Charlotte. Please send a letter signed by your ordinary or superior by mail or email to:

Mail: Diocese of Charlotte Chancery, 1123 S. Church St., Charlotte, N.C. 28203


Pre-nuptial files and requests for marriage dispensations/permissions

Please send the original signed and sealed hard copies of newly issued baptismal certificates with notations, completed marriage preparation documents, and/or requests for marriage dispensations and permissions to the Chancery via trackable delivery.

Mail: Diocese of Charlotte Chancery, 1123 St. Church St., Charlotte, N.C. 28203

Questions? Email

Mission Cooperative Appeals

The Diocese of Charlotte welcomes missionary priests, sisters, or laity from around the world to visit our local parishes for mission appeals of financial support during the summer months. Apply using the interactive form below, or mail your request to: Diocese of Charlotte Mission Cooperative Appeal, 1123 S. Church St., Charlotte, N.C. 28203. Questions? Contact Father Patrick Cahill, diocesan Mission Appeal Director:

Contact Us

Rev. Msgr. Patrick J. Winslow, V.G.

Vicar General & Chancellor

Gretchen Filz

Administrative Assistant to the Vicar General & Chancellor

William G. Weldon

Special Assistant to the Vicar General

Bryan Somerville

Special Assistant to the Chancellor
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