Catechist Certification and Training


Katie MatlakAssociate Director of Faith Formation: Acting as Liaison for Catholic Schools 

Phone: 704-370-3246

The catechist plays an integral role in the ministry of the Church at the service of the Word of God. All Catechists should seek to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to communicate the Gospel message effectively. Over the past several years, Catechists in the diocese of Charlotte have had the opportunity to acquire this knowledge through regional Faith Formation events and the online certification program offered through the Catholic Education Center (CEC).

This is a web-based program developed for the Diocese of Charlotte based on the diocesan Catechist Recognition Process. There are NO FEES for participants of the Phase I and Phase II courses.

Phase I: 10 hours – Catholic Education: What Every Teacher Needs to Know
Phase II: 40 hours – CAT 102: What we Believe: The Creed // CAT 103: Why we Celebrate: The Sacraments // CAT 104: How We Live: The Moral Life // CAT 105: Who We Are: Prayer and Tradition.

A direct link to the course site is:

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The Diocese of Charlotte Education Vicariate is happy to offer Catechist Training through the Catholic Education Center.  You may learn more – and register for Basic and Advanced Certification – by visiting the Charlotte Diocese Affiliate classroom and logging in.