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New approach, new name – same Catholic values

Holy Trinity is embarking on a three-year, $4 million investment plan to build on our shared success and reimagine how we prepare students to face today’s challenges – with character, confidence and Catholic values. We are improving facilities, adding teachers and administrators, deepening professional development, and embracing a new approach that blends the advantages of single-sex and co-ed classes for a more tailored educational experience. In Fall of 2026, we’ll open as Holy Trinity Catholic Academy to better reflect the specialized education we provide in partnership with parents, to help form students of virtue grounded in the Catholic faith.


Holy Trinity has a long tradition of success, with a faith community of students who perform well above the national average. Yet many parents are looking to us to help prepare their children to navigate a world increasingly driven by social media pressures and a contentious culture.

Our new blended learning approach recognizes the different learning styles and developmental needs of middle school girls and boys and offers the best of both worlds – rigorous instruction in girls-only and boys-only core classes paired with a variety of co-ed electives, extracurricular activities and social events.

Our mission is not only to prepare students to succeed academically, but to help them build character, confidence and resilience – so they can pursue excellence, grow in faith, and transform the world.

We’ll phase in these changes over the next three years with full implementation expected by Fall 2026. Teacher professional development has already begun and renovations will begin later this spring. We’ll add two single-sex classes in Fall 2024 and consider adding another in Fall 2025, to help evaluate and adjust as we go. Learn more about timing by exploring each of the four pillars in our investment plan, described in more detail on this site.

We’ll preserve and build on the Holy Trinity tradition of excellence by expanding and further empowering our current leadership team, adding teachers, and providing new learning opportunities tailored to different learning styles and needs of girls and boys. We’re also investing in physical upgrades, maintenance and security across a campus in the heart of Charlotte that continues to serve us well.
Tuition will not increase as a result of this change. We have funding available thanks to our conservative fiscal management and growth in our investments.
Similar changes are not contemplated for other Catholic Schools. Holy Trinity is uniquely positioned for blended single-sex and co-ed classes because of its size, parental interest, and middle schoolers’ stage of development.
Yes. Both Our Lady of the Assumption and St. Mark schools offer co-ed instruction for sixth through eighth graders.
No, our successful Options Program for children with special needs will continue as it always has – as part of the Catholic Schools’ continuum from elementary school into college. The Options Program is one initiative where we already tailor our teaching to accommodate different learning styles and needs of our students.

Learn more about each of the four pillars in our investment plan on this website, which includes links to other resources. We’ll post new information on this site and keep you informed as plans progress, and as our partners in educating your children, we invite you to ask questions or offer feedback on the form below.

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