Adding Teachers & Staff

As Holy Trinity continues to grow – and to help us move toward more tailored learning – we are adding teachers and expanding our leadership team. We will restructure our leadership to preserve and build on the foundation of Holy Trinity, which will continue under the guidance of Principal Kevin Parks. He will shift to a new role as President in Fall 2025, when we’ll also begin our search for a new principal. This follows the successful President-Principal model we’re using at our Catholic high schools, which allows for more strategic management of our schools’ complex needs. These staffing enhancements will be phased in over three years, beginning in Fall 2024. Changes include:

  • Adding up to 6 theology teachers to enhance our focus on faith, with 3 coming on board in 2024-25 and up to 3 more added the following school year – reducing some class sizes as a result.
  • Removing the theology assignment from other teachers, enabling them to focus on their primary subject of expertise and new teaching methods for boys classes and for girls classes.
  • Shifting to President-Principal model of leadership in 2025-26, with Mr. Kevin Parks promoted to president, and a new principal search to begin. As president, Mr. Parks will focus on strategic planning, financial management, community relations, and ensuring the alignment of our operations with our mission and values. The principal will focus on day-to-day operations.
  • Adding 3 administrators in 2025-26 to help guide our shift toward more tailored learning, including:
    • Head of Girls Division
    • Head of Boys Division
    • Dean of Curriculum and Instruction
  • Re-engineering other administrative positions in 2025-26 to include:
    • Dean of Students
    • Dean of Student Support Services
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