Enhancing Professional Development

Rigorous professional development for teachers is the key component of our successful transition toward more tailored learning. Research shows when delivered well, single-sex instruction can improve student achievement, instill confidence, and better equip students to navigate social pressures. At the same time, co-ed socialization and learning opportunities are critical to help middle school girls and boys learn to interact and work together at this important stage of their social and emotional development. So, we are working with national experts to help train and support our teachers in providing effective, tailored instruction to both girls and boys in both environments.

Professional development includes:

  • Teacher workshops and group studies
  • Individual coaching and role modeling
  • Classroom observation, assessment and feedback

Our phased approach will enable us to carefully evaluate the implementation of single-sex instruction and make adjustments as we go.

“Knowing the audience in front of me gives me the opportunity to tailor my instruction.”
“The good news is that you can be both a great teacher of girls and a great teacher of boys. The first step in becoming more effective is to understand the differences. Bottom line: there are no significant differences in curriculum between the two, but there are substantial evidence-based differences in pedagogy. In other words: The differences between great teaching for girls and great teaching for boys are not in WHAT you teach, but in HOW you teach.”
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