Our students become leaders in all aspects of their lives.

Through our academic programs and extracurricular activities, we foster the development of leadership skills such as self-motivation, accountability and work ethic that will set the foundation for future accomplishments. We are proud of our nearly 100% high school graduation rate – a result of the high-quality accredited education we offer, the student-focused instruction we provide, and our faith-based teachings that promote lifelong learning and personal responsibility. In the Diocese of Charlotte Catholic Schools, students do more than simply learn, they flourish and grow to become the upstanding leaders of tomorrow.

Our talented faculty and staff have a passion for learning and student development. They create a classroom environment to best meet each student’s needs and ensure their success.

Elementary Grades

Pre-Kindergarten, Junior Kindergarten, Transitional Kindergarten-5th

Our robust PK-5 curriculum includes the fundamentals of reading, writing, math and science – and much more. Students learn age-appropriate problem solving and critical thinking skills, and the building blocks of emotional and spiritual development. They take part in service projects, learning cooperation and respect for others. The goal? To instill kindness and compassion as well as curiosity and love of learning.

Middle School Grades


In middle school, more advanced critical thinking and problem-solving skills are applied. Students are taught to bridge gaps, serve their communities, and communicate effectively. Students are immersed in a new world of opportunities to explore personal interests in classes such as Graphic Design, Business, Broadcast Journalism and Finance. They are able to travel with the band, compete in art competitions, and play competitive sports. They are guided into developing personal responsibility and accountability, learning to juggle their schoolwork and manage changing classes. Most of all, they receive the rigorous instruction needed to be ready for high school.

High School Grades


Our 4 high schools give students well-rounded, practical experiences in competitive fields, in addition to a rigorous college prep curriculum. Students travel abroad on mission trips. Engineering and Industrial Design students build life-sized projects on campus, and Band musicians travel for performances. Aviation students get hands-on learning with field trips and simulators, and a chance to get their pilot’s license. Broadway hopefuls study dance, design and costuming for theater productions. Future international business executives study Spanish, German or French. Artists paint murals in our hallways. Athletes develop endurance, grit and dedication to their sport. Yet no matter their particular interests, students are also taught to value and share the fundamentals of faith, cooperation, respect, responsibility, integrity and confidence. Ninety-seven percent (97%) of our graduates go on to four-year colleges or universities, while 3% enter two-year institutions or access higher education while in military service.


Our schools are accredited through Cognia, the largest accreditation system for primary and secondary schools in the U.S. and 90 other countries.
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