Ethnic Affairs

Our Mission

The Ethnic Affairs Division exists to promote multiculturism, in the context of Church teachings, through affirmation, celebration and education. Its coordinators are committed to providing the tools and resources needed to allow schools throughout the system to build enriched communities where cultural diversity is embraced, and a sense of belonging is experienced by all.
“Catholics should celebrate their differences and retain their cultures
but should reflect their joy at being one in Christ.”

– Servant of God, Sister Thea Bowman

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The Padrinos (Madrinas) Program

Padrinos is the Spanish word for Godparents. Just as the role of a Godparent is to serve as a friend and a guide on the road to Christian living, a member of this program serves a friend and a guide throughout the Catholic school process.  

The program’s intent is to strengthen the connection between Hispanic families, especially those that are predominately Spanish speaking, and the school community.

Padrinos are a group of parents that represent the school with the Hispanic community and assist in giving support to current and new families of the school community.

Padrinos assist their school by taking on three vital roles:
  • Marketing:
    • Attend events that promote the school to Hispanic communities.
    • Offer insight and ideas as the school develops marketing materials.
    • Share benefits of a Catholic education and what the school offers.
  • Recruit:
    • With the messages and materials prepared, Padrinos identify and reach out to Hispanic families and invite them to visit the school.
    • Help explain the process of applying to the school and, if needed, tuition assistance availability.
  • Mentor:
    • Welcome new families to the school community and offer advice and support throughout the school year.
    • Provide current and new parents with the proper tools and resources to take full advantage of all the school has to offer.
Padrinos can also help the school community find ways to enrich our shared Catholic faith with cultural traditions from Latin American countries.
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