My parents and family don’t take me to Church, but I want to go. What should I do?

That is an awkward position to be in! Whatever the reasons for your family not going to Church, keep Sundays holy! If you can get a ride with a friend, classmate or neighbor that you and your family trust, perhaps that is the way. One day you might be in walking distance to get to Church or have a drivers license to be able to borrow the family car and drive there. Around Christmas time, children have a way of hounding their parents for all sorts of gifts. Have you ever considered asking persistently, but not in a nagging way, to go to Mass?


What if my parents disagree that I should become a priest?

You should always be respectful of your parents and you must always be faithful to the Lord. Show you parents God’s love. Stay close to Jesus and keep the faith and the vocation alive in your heart and mind.