Chastity: Chastity unifies our body, mind and heart. Sexuality is a beautiful thing given as a gift from the Lord, but it is reserved for married people, where their engagement is sacred. That’s it; it is not for anyone else. Active sexual practice outside of marriage is sinful and should not be a part of a single person’s life. St. Thomas Aquinas said that there are worse sins than sexual sins, but sexual sins most quickly take away the taste for the things of God. Ask yourself, “Are you chaste?” Sexual sins (e.g. fornication, adultery, masturbation, pornography) have a way of ripping apart a person’s soul, while chastity has a real unifying aspect to it. It unifies the body, mind and heart. That is why Chastity is so important. You don’t want to battle being a chaste man while you’re trying to discern priesthood as a vocation. Celibacy is related, of course. Celibacy simply means that you’re not going to enter the married state and can be the biggest decision a man makes in choosing between priesthood and marriage and family life.