Discerning Priesthood?

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Could God be calling you to be a priest?

The priesthood is a call from Christ to live a relationship with Him by serving His people. Not content to leave His people with simply the memory of His redeeming love, Christ chose certain of His followers (the Apostles) to continue His work on earth until the end of time. The priesthood is an extension of this, and is hence a continuation of the work of Christ in the world today. While the whole Church is a priestly people, sharing in the priesthood of Christ by their daily sacrifices, prayers and spreading of the Gospel, God calls specific people to serve in His name in the midst of the community. These people are priests.

Guidelines for Admission to the Seminary Program:

  • live a life of active faith, prayer and service
  • are recommended by a priest of the Diocese of Charlotte
  • have been involved in the life of their parish
  • are under 49 years of age
  • have never been divorced
  • have resided within the Diocese of Charlotte for at least one year
  • hold a valid tourist or student visa if they are not citizens of the United States

Fr. Christopher Gober

Director of Vocations vocationsmail@charlottediocese.org

Fr. Brian Becker

Fr. Brian Becker

Promoter of Vocations BJBecker@CharlotteDiocese.org

The priesthood is the love of the heart of Jesus.
When you see a priest, think of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Saint John Mary Vianney
Patron Saint of Parish Priests