Conference Speakers

Prof. Scott Sollom

Franciscan University
Assistant Professor of Theology

Scott Sollom is an Assistant Professor of Theology at Franciscan University and coordinator of campus RCIA. Some of Scott’s publications include “The Keys to the Deposit” and “Learning St. Augustine” in the Catechetical Review. Scott is married with 5 wonderful children, and has 16 years of catechetical experience.


The Catechist and the New Evangelization: The Lord says, "Behold, I am doing something new. And I will not remember your sins." This workshop focuses on the importance of each catechists being made anew every morning by God's grace in order that we might fruitfully proclaim the good news.

Life in Christ... Believing Hoping and Loving by God's Grace: Conversion means growing in faith, hope and charity. This workshop looks at the way in which the questions of the human heart are answered by Christ through the infusion of the theological virtues, followed by practical tips for handing on the truths of the faith in a way that promotes conversion.

The Blessed Virgin Mary: Model of Evangelization: Understanding who Mary is and the beauty of her intimate relationship with God is key for understanding who we are called to be, and the intimacy that God has in store for us. This workshop will show how to hand on the truths about Mary in a way that stirs and promotes deeper conversion in Christ.