Conference Speakers

Prof. Scott Sollom

Franciscan University
Assistant Professor of Theology


Scott Sollom is an Assistant Professor of Theology at Franciscan University and coordinator of campus RCIA. Scott has extensive experience as a presenter for RCIA catechist training seminars for dioceses and parishes across the country. Some of Scott’s publications include “The Keys to the Deposit” and “Learning St. Augustine” in the Catechetical Review. Scott is married with 5 wonderful children, and has 16 years of catechetical experience.

Breakout I

How to Give a Witness

"Modern man listens more willingly to witnesses than he does to teachers, and if he does listen to teachers it is because they are first witnesses" (Pope Paul VI). This practical workshop details the steps for giving witness in a catechetical setting, so that every doctrine can ‘come alive’ and be seen as integral aspect of Christian living.”

Breakout II

Conversion and the Theological Virtues

The last paragraph in the introduction to the Catechism states that doctrine should be handed on for the sake of growing in faith, hope and charity (CCC 25). This workshop will illustrate how every doctrine is conversional, because every doctrine can lead a person to believe more firmly, hope more confidently, or love more charitably.

Breakout III

The Catechist and the New Evangelization

The Lord says, "Behold I am doing something new" (Isaiah 43). This workshop is a reflection on the new evangelization as it pertains to the ongoing conversion of the catechist. The mercy of the Lord is new every morning ! (Lamentations 3).