Conference Speakers

Prof. Lucas Pollice MTS

Augustine Institute
Associate Professor of Theology and Catechetics


Lucas Pollice is the Director of Program Development and Implementation and Associate Professor of Theology and Catechetics for the Augustine Institute in Denver, Colorado. He had previously served as the director of Catechesis for the Diocese of Fort Worth, Texas. Lucas has been involved in full-time parish and diocesan catechetical ministry since 1999 and currently directs and presents at catechetical training conferences across the country for parish RCIA and adult faith formation leaders. He is the author of Open Wide the Doors to Christ: Discovering Catholicism, a complete curriculum for RCIA (Emmaus Road Publishing) and has worked in the development and production of Symbolon: The Catholic Faith Explained, Beloved: Finding Happiness in Marriage, and other catechetical series produced by the Augustine Institute. Lucas and his wife, Mary, have six children and live in Highlands Ranch, CO.

Breakout I

You Too Go into the Vineyard: The Indispensable Role of Laity

In this time of crisis and also of great opportunity in the Church, the role of the laity has never been more important in the life of the Church. In speaking of this crucial role, St. John Paul II states, “If Iack of commitment is always unacceptable, the present time renders it even more so. It is not permissible for anyone to remain idle. This breakout will unfold the indispensable role of the laity as revealed by Vatican II for the New Evangelization and how we can inspire and motivate the laity to take up their crucial mission in the Church.

Breakout II

Re-Shaping Parish Sacramental Preparation in Light of the New Evangelization

It is not business as usual in the New Evangelization, and this is especially so when it comes to sacramental preparation in our parishes. This breakout will explore how sacramental preparation has become the predominant opportunity for evangelization and catechesis in the parish, especially for parents and how we can leverage these moments to re-awaken and revitalize the lives of our parents and families as well as form and catechize the children.

Breakout III

The Mystery of Mystagogia: How to Do Effective Post-Baptismal Catechesis in the RCIA

Mystagogy is not just an “add on” to the RCIA process, but one of the most crucial periods in the process. This breakout will discuss the vision for the period of Mystagogy within the whole of the RCIA process and how we can practically and effectively accompany our neophytes after Easter to become life-long intentional disciples in our parishes.