Conference Speakers

Mr. Jeff Cavins

Ascension Press


Jeff Cavins (born November 8, 1957) is an American Catholic evangelist, author, and biblical scholar. He is the creator of The Great Adventure Bible Study program, and was the founding host of the Television Show “Life on the Rock” on EWTN and of the Morning Air radio program on Relevant Radio. He resides in Minnesota with his wife, Emily.


Family: the Heart of Discipleship

If you want the message of Catholicism to flourish, you must become an activated disciple. This means that not only will you follow Christ but you will teach your children and those around you to do the same. There is not an alternative plan. We are not simply in a time of learning the faith, but of living the faith. This is what will make the difference.

Breakout Session I

Teach Your Children: A Code to Live By

This workshop will feature the importance of teaching children how to read the Bible. Jeff will talk about how the family is the place to learn the beautiful story of salvation using an easy tool to help parents do just that. The Great Adventure Bible Storybook: A Walk Through the Catholic Bible brings this story to the family with colorful illustrations, easy to read narrative and several other helpful features to make the Bible understandable.