Download Individual forms


1.A – Update Form – Changes in Buildings or Contents
1.B – Report of Property Damage
1.C – Update Form – Changes in Covered Vehicles
1.D – Report of Automobile Accident
1.E – Injury / Accident Report
1.F – K & K Student Accident Insurance Claim Form
2.A – Declining of Hepatitis B Vaccine (Mandatory)
3.A – Application for Special Events Coverage
3.A – Solicitud De Cobertura Para Eventos Especiales
3.B – Instructions for Facility Usage / Indemnity Agreement
Form 3.C – Facility Usage / Indemnity Agreement (Rev. Mar 2020)
3.D – Adult Hold Harmless / Indemnity Agreement
3.E – K & K Liquor Liability Insurance Form
3.F – ABC Board Application for Limited Special Occasion Permit
4.A – Festival / Vendor Hold Harmless / Indemnity Agreement
5.A – Minor Volunteer Waiver and Release of Claim
5.B – Criminal Background Release and Authorization Form
6.A – Child Care Agreement
6.B – Day Care Agreement
6.C – Authorization To Administer Medication
7.A – Field Trip Authorization and Liability Waiver
7.B – Field Trip Adult Chaperone Liability Waiver
7.C – Field Trip Driver Information Sheet
7.D – Student Accident Claim Form
8.A – Small Project Agreement Between Owner and Contractor
8.B – Owners Addendum to the Service Agreement
8.C – Owners Addendum to the Construction Contract
8.D – Owners Required Changes to Standard AIA Contracts
8.E – Small Contractor Hold Harmless Indemnity Agreement
8.F – Sample COI
9.A – Request for Approved Driver Status
9.A – Solicitud De Conductor Aprobado
9.B – Pre-Trip Inspection Form For Vans And Buses
9.C – Report of Automobile Accident
10.A – Online Training Courses and Instructions