Risk Management & Insurance Manual

This Manual has been prepared to provide each Pastor, Parish Business Manager, Principal, Office Staff, Volunteer and Administrator of Diocesan Agencies within the Catholic Diocese of Charlotte a guideline to risk management procedures, and the insurance coverage that protects the properties within the Diocese. The following manual is presented as a reference source and tool to address loss prevention, insurance coverage and claim reporting. The guidelines contained herein apply to all entities, ordained clergy, employees and volunteers of the Diocese of Charlotte.

Catholic Mutual Group or members of the Diocesan Properties & Risk Management Department may be contacted to review specific coverage questions, review leases, certificates of insurance, the cost of insurance, and to report property or bodily injury claims. Business administrators and senior personnel of each organization participating in the Diocesan insurance program need to be familiar with the nature and extent of the insurance provided by the program. Periodic changes and adjustments in insurance coverage are promulgated to participating parishes and organizations through supplements and revised pages in the Risk Management and Insurance Manual and are designated with an edit mark in the left margin.


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1.A – Update Form – Changes in Buildings or Contents
1.B – Report of Property Damage
1.C – Update Form – Changes in Covered Vehicles
1.D – Report of Automobile Accident
1.E – Injury / Accident Report
1.F. – A AXIS Student & Volunteer Claim Form Instructions
1.F.A – AXIS Student & Volunteer Claim Form Instructions
1.F.B AXIS – Other Insurance Questionnaire
2.A – Declining of Hepatitis B Vaccine (Mandatory)
3.A – Application for Special Events Coverage
3.A – Solicitud De Cobertura Para Eventos Especiales
3.B – Instructions for Facility Usage / Indemnity Agreement
3.C – Facility Usage / Indemnity Agreement
3.D – Adult Hold Harmless / Indemnity Agreement
3.D.2 – Mission Trip Hold Harmless Indemnity Agreement
3.E – K & K Liquor Liability Insurance Form
3.F – ABC Board Application for Limited Special Occasion Permit
4.A – Festival / Vendor Hold Harmless / Indemnity Agreement
5.A – Minor Volunteer Waiver and Release of Claim
5.B – K&K Volunteer Participant Accident Insurance Claim
5.C – Criminal Background Release and Authorization
6.A – Child Care Agreement
6.B – Day Care Agreement
6.C – Authorization To Administer Medication
7.A – Diocese Sponsored Activity Minor Participant Waiver and Release of Claim
7.A.2 – Non-Diocesan Activity Minor Participant Waiver and Release of Claim
7.B – Field Trip Adult Chaperone Liability Waiver
7.C – Field Trip Driver Information Sheet
7.D – Student Accident Claim Form
8.A – Construction Agreement Between Owner and Contractor
8.B – Owners Addendum to the Service Agreement
8.C – Owners Addendum to the Construction Contract
8.D – Owners Required Changes to Standard AIA Contracts
8.D.2 – Owners Required Changes to Standard AIA Contracts
8.E – Small Contractor Hold Harmless Indemnity Agreement
8.E – Small Vendor Hold Harmless Indemnity Agreement
8.F – Sample COI
8.X – Vendor Agreement
9.A – Request for Approved Driver Status
9.A – Solicitud De Conductor Aprobado
9.B – Pre-Trip Inspection Form For Vans And Buses
9.C – Report of Automobile Accident
10.A – Online Training Courses and Instructions