Procedures for Gifting Real Estate

Roman Catholic Diocese of Charlotte

Procedure for Gifting Real Estate


All gifts of real estate should be directed to the Diocese of Charlotte Finance Office. The following information should be provided by the donor:

  • Owner’s name, address, all contact phone numbers, and email address
  • Information about the property, including address, parcel ID, description of improvements, existing liens or mortgages, and homeowner association (HOA) dues/fees/assessments, etc.
  • Copies of recent appraisals, tax bill, deed, tax map, and any other available records

Based on a review of this information, the Chancery will decide whether to reject the offer or proceed with due diligence and notify the parties accordingly.

Prior to proceeding with due diligence, the diocesan Finance Office will contact the pastor or agency director who will be the receipient of the gift proceeds to apprise them of the donor’s intent and the following:

That they will be responsible for all costs associated with acquiring the property, including a physical inspection, title work, deed preparation and recording, and the possibility of a survey and environmental study, depending on the results of the physical inspection.  That they will also be responsible for maintaining the property and for carrying costs associated with the ownership, including taxes, assessments, utilities, etc., as well as costs incurred to sell the property.

Upon acceptance of the above conditions, the following will be performed:

  1. A physical inspection of the property will be conducted.  If the property is within the Diocese of Charlotte, the Diocesan Properties and Risk Management Office will perform the inspection.  If the property is outside the Diocese of Charlotte, the Diocesan Legal Office will arrange an inspection.  The inspection is to address the marketability of the property, the condition of the property, and whether there is any indication of environmental issue.
  2. As a result of the inspection, the Diocesan Properties and Risk Management Office will determine whether a survey is needed and whether an environmental study is warranted.
  3. The Diocesan Legal Office will arrange for title work to be performed.
  4. The Diocesan Legal Office will arrange for the preparation and filing of the deed.
  5. The Diocesan Finance Office will send an acknowledgement to the donor which complies with IRS regulations.
  6. The recipient parish/agency will market the property for sale.
  7. Upon acceptance of an offer to purchase, the recipient parish/agency will notify the Diocesan Legal Office who will represent the Diocese in the sale of the property.
  8. The Diocesan Finance Office will remit to the parish/agency the proceeds of the sale less any expenses incurred.