Diocesan Synod 1987

donaghue seal


May 23, 1987

My dear Friends in Christ:

It is with a deep sense of satisfaction and gratitude to the Lord that I ratify and promulgate today the goals and action plans which have emerged from our collaborative efforts in seven principal areas of concern. The seven issues addressed and the resulting action plans will form the basis for and give direction to our Church’s efforts for the foreseeable future.

Through this Synod, we have grown together as a community of faith. We have supported one another as a community of love; and we have served one another and our brothers and sisters throughout the Diocese of Charlotte, out of a conviction of faith and an experience of God’s Spirit at work within us.

The sole task of this Synod has been to glorify the Lord through the advancing of His KingĀ­dom in this Diocese, at this time, through the men and women wh are now providentially the People of God of the Diocese of Charlotte. I am confident that what we propose for implemenĀ­tation will lead each of us and all members of the Church of Charlotte to be mindful of the need for personal and ecclesial purification and the need to reach out and truly be a ‘light to the nations:

As we begin now the process of implementation, I ask your continued cooperation as we prayerfully heed the goals which will enrich the faith life of our diocesan family and thereby build up the Kingdom of God.

With deep gratitude and appreciation and every cordial hest wish, I am

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Most Reverend John F. Donoghue
Bishop of Charlotte

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1)Introduction 6) Lay Ministry
2) Spiritual Life 7) Councils
3) Evangelization 8)Growth
4) Education 9) Promulgation Documents
5) Poverty 10) Synod Members