Applicant Norms for the Permanent Diaconate

Norms for Applicants seeking admission to the Permanent Diaconate Formation Program of the Catholic Diocese of Charlotte

  • A Roman Catholic in good standing at least five years upon beginning Aspirant formation.
  • Has demonstrated faithful service in a parish or in the diocese and is well accepted by that community.
  • Of at least 33 years of age upon beginning the Aspirant formation. Will not be older than 69 at the time of ordination.
  • Demonstrates maturity, stability, and overall psychological and physical health.
  • Free of any substance dependency.
  • Successful completion of the Lay Ministry program of the Diocese of Charlotte or Southeast Pastoral Institute (SEPI) or, with approval, currently enrolled.
  • Able to provide a recommendation letter from the Pastor of his parish: If a member of current parish less than five years, a letter of recommendation will also needed from the Pastor of his previous parish.
  • Married applicants will be in a stable marriage for at least three years. Unmarried men called to the diaconate are obliged to observe the law of celibacy and such applicants will acknowledge a full understanding of this requirement.
  • Provide a recently issued Baptismal Certificate with notations.
  • In addition to stability of family life, married candidates cannot be admitted unless their wives not only consent but also have the Christian moral character and attributes which will neither hinder their husbands’ ministry nor be out of keeping with it.
  • Able to provide the material resources to care for themselves and their families and capable of running their own homes.
  • Demonstrate the ability to complete the academic courses that are constitutive to the formation process.
  • Bring a certain experience of the spiritual life including the sense of the Church, an apostolic zeal.
  • Possess a willingness to bring to maturity a lively ecclesial conscience and willingness to being formed in ministry for a spiritual life characterized by obedience and fraternal communion.
  • Provide proof of US citizenship or permanent residency and a resident of the Diocese of Charlotte.
  • Submit a letter to the Director of Diaconate Formation expressing the desire to apply for the Permanent Diaconate Formation Program with agreement to meeting these norms and acknowledging freedom from all canonical impediments (Code of Canon Law 1041).-November 2011