Curriculum of the Schools

The Catholic Social Teachings are to be integrated across all Diocesan curricula. These values project the Catholic philosophy of our schools.

Click here for the reflections of US Bishops on Catholic Social Teaching

Schools in the Diocese of Charlotte offer a comprehensive course of study designed to implement our mission of education. This information is intended to help parents better understand the course of study offered at each grade level.

At the heart of our curriculum is the study of our Catholic Faith. Because Religion is the very reason for our existence it would follow that a focal point of this information is the course of study offered in our Religion classes.

Click here for an overview of the religion curriculum for the Diocese of Charlotte Catholic Schools

In all other areas of the curriculum, the Diocese of Charlotte aligns itself with the Standard Course of Study as outlined by the State of North Carolina. This course of study is implemented in conjunction with the beliefs and principals of our Catholic faith.

The curriculum for the three Catholic High Schools in the Diocese of Charlotte can be found by clicking on the following links to their web sites:

Charlotte Catholic High School Curriculum

Bishop McGuinness Catholic High School Curriculum

Christ The King High School Curriculum

In addition to the core curriculum and special area classes offered in all of our schools, we further assist students and parents through Learning Support and Counseling programs. Services are provided by school staff and/or parish community resources. The specifics of these programs are based on the particular needs of each school community and thus vary from school to school. However, the basic goals of the program remain the same.

Learning Support
The purpose of these programs is to recognize and facilitate a successful learning environment for each student experiencing learning differences in the classroom. Through need identification, consultation and referral services, every school strives to support each learner as an individual.

Guidance and Counseling Programs
The purpose of these programs is to provide resources for the growth and development of the student in three areas: Academic development, career development, and personal/social development. This is accomplished in classroom, small group, and individual settings. Additionally each school provides parents with information on community resources as the need arises, plans parent programs on relevant topics and maintains a crisis intervention management plan.