What is MACS?

MACS stands for Mecklenburg Area Catholic Schools. MACS represents nine Catholic Schools in the Charlotte area. When you apply, you will submit your child’s application and materials to MACS. Tuition is also paid to MACS. Most other details including academics, schedule, and extra-curricular activities are handled by each school respectively.

Where are your schools located?

Seven of our nine schools are located in Charlotte proper. Two schools are located in Huntersville, NC.

Can I attend MACS if I am not Catholic?

Absolutely! All MACS schools admit students of any race, color, gender, religion, national and ethnic origin.

What if I can’t pick between two schools?

All MACS schools share a curriculum, but each have their own character. Many families select schools based on their location or size. Visiting the schools is the best way to decide which is best for your family and your child.

Do you offer special needs learning programs?

Yes, the MACS schools offers three programs aimed to provide support to students with special learning needs. There is a separate application process for these programs. Tuition for these programs is higher due to the small size of the classes. Tuition assistance is available.

The Modified Academic Program (MAP) is a self-contained program for students with special needs who require a modified academic curriculum. Instruction in core subjects is adapted to the student’s ability level. Occupational Therapy (OT) and Speech/Language Therapy are offered on a weekly basis to students in grades 2-8. Students have the opportunity to attend classes with their general education peers as is appropriate. This program is housed at St. Ann Catholic School (2nd-5th), Holy Trinity Catholic Middle School (6th-8th), and Charlotte Catholic High School (9th-12th).

Providing an Academically Appropriate Catholic Education Program (PACE) is a self-contained program for students with average to above average cognitive ability and a diagnosed specific learning disability. It is designed to serve students who are struggling significantly in the areas of reading and writing. Students in this program receive instruction in the Orton-Gillingham method. The goal of this program is to remediate reading and writing weaknesses so that students can return to the general education class. This program is housed at Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic School and serves grades 2-5.

The Matthew Morgan Program is a program for students with Down syndrome housed at St. Patrick Catholic School. The mission is to provide a quality, functional, faith-based education in a classroom setting where each child can progress toward his/her individual potential. Basic academics and life skills are taught to help students become self-reliant and independent. Families will discover an inclusive environment in a faith-based setting that will nurture their children spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, physically, and socially.