Exploration. Discovery. Knowledge.

From building life-size engineering projects on campus to designing costumes for musical productions, our curriculum is designed to engage students in the material they study. Bringing the classroom to life produces a lifelong love of knowledge and provides students with relevant experiences for college and life after.

Our academic Pre-Kindergarten sets the foundation for a life of faith, reading, writing and arithmetic. Elementary school students use iPads to enhance their studies and produce television segments from their school’s broadcast desk. Middle school students use Chromebooks and 3D printers in specialty classes, such as: Marketing, Finance, Graphic Design and more.

High school students are offered over 40 Advanced Placement (AP) and Honors courses. Each high school student receives a Mac laptop and may study college level subjects such as Aviation, Economics, Engineering, and African American Studies.

Integrating technology into each subject prepares our students for the world ahead.