Wellness Resources

July 2018


 7-18 LivingRight bulletin

  • Loss of hearing is the third most commonly reported chronic health condition in the United States.
  • What are the chief causes of hearing loss.  How loud is too loud?

Gloves could save your hearing!

  • What impact do chemicals have on our sense of hearing?
  • What are a few simple ways to reduce your risk of hearing loss?

Hearing Syllacrostic

  • Puzzle tests your knowledge of facts about this month’s topic!

Hearing Loss Self-Check Tool

  • Check yourself on hearing loss symptoms!

10 Reasons to Get Moving Today

  • What is so important about regular physical activity, really?
  • Here’s a short list from the CDC about the benefits of physical activity beyond weight loss.

CDC – Activity Routines to Get Moving!

  • Want to get moving but need some ideas to get started?
  • Try some of these suggestions for moderate to vigorous activity that you can adopt through the week!

United-at-Work Podcasts

  • Directory of the Health and Wellness podcast series from United Healthcare.
  • Variety of topics!
  • Available 24-7!