Wellness Resources

Wellness Works, the diocese benefits plan for wellness, brings you tips and tools to help you live a healthier lifestyle.  Visit here each month to view the articles and tools–and perhaps test your knowledge of topics with a game or quiz–that we hope will empower you to make healthier lifestyle choices.


February 2023

living right 2-23 LivingRight Bulletin

  • This month’s issue of LivingRight focuses on heart health and unhealthy blood pressure.  How do you know whether you are in the “danger zone”?  Read more to find out about monitoring and controlling your blood pressure, and improving heart health!

Love your heart

  • How can you love your heart?  This article counts 5 ways to take better care of your heart.  Start with one, then consider adding another each week this month and see how much better you feel by the month’s end!

Blood pressure and heart health word find

  • Just for fun, test your knowledge of facts about this month’s topic!

Limit the sugar tool

  • If you are having your doubts about the quantity of sugar you consume daily, why not track it with this tool?  Likely you’ll be surprised at the quantity each day.  Empower yourself to take control of the sugar you consume without knowing it!


Want to improve your vitality and avoid injury?

A few short minutes each day to stretch your muscles, tendons, joints and ligaments will increase your range of motion, reduce sprain-strain injury risk, reduce stiffness, soreness and fatigue, and more!

Stretching Poster


From United Healthcare

United Healthcare offers a Health and Wellness Resource Calendar for 2023.  The calendar provides the schedule for various presentations and informational articles to help support healthier lifestyle habits.   February’s videos feature heart health and dental care.  Click on the link below to access the calendar for 2023.