Wellness Resources

January 2019


 1-19 LivingRight Bulletin

  • Want to lose a few pounds in 2019?  Learn more about the relationship between consumption and calories burned.
  • Pick up a few grocery shopping tips in this month’s issue!

Eating Healthy on the Road

  • Traveling in your future?
  • How can you continue to diet and exercise when on the road?

Weight Control Word Scramble

  • Puzzle tests your knowledge of facts about this month’s topic!

Food Journal Tool

  • Journaling can be an effective way to monitor and manage your food intake!
  • Use this chart, or keep a record on your phone or online to help yourself keep on track!

2019 Health & Wellness Resource Calendar

  • Directory of the Health & Wellness podcast series and Wellness Resources from United Healthcare.
  • Variety of topics!
  • Available 24-7!