Reporting Ministry-Related Abuse of a Minor

All cases of alleged, known or suspected ministry related sexual abuse of a minor must be reported to the proper civil authority. Any person having actual knowledge of, or reasonable cause to suspect an incident of ministry related sexual abuse by any church personnel of the Diocese of Charlotte is to immediately report the incident to the Chancery, unless to do so would violate the Sacrament of Penance. The Chancery will then report the incident to the proper civil authority.

After notifying the proper civil authority, the Chancery will immediately notify the Assistance Coordinator, the Promoter of Justice, and the Review Board. Following this, the individual reporting the incident to the Chancery will be notified of the particulars regarding the filing of the incident with civil authority. This reporting requirement is not intended to supersede the right of a victim or witness to individually make a report to public authorities, but is to ensure proper, complete and timely reporting to the proper civil authority. At the time of reporting, the diocese will request to be kept informed as to the progress of that authority’s investigation. Should an individual choose to make a report to civil authorities, the requirement to make a report to the Chancery is not removed.

You may make a report of sexual misconduct by calling the Chancery at 704-370-6299, or by writing to:

Diocese of Charlotte
PO Box 36776
Charlotte, NC 28236

At the time of reporting an incident of alleged sexual misconduct to the Chancery, the person making the report will be asked to complete the diocesan form, Report of Suspected Ministry Related Sexual Misconduct by Church Personnel.