Finance Mission

The mission of the Diocesan Finance Office is to ensure proper stewardship of church temporal resources.

We have the responsibility to:

  • Safeguard the Church’s assets
  • Exercise prudence in financial matters
  • Be accountable to those who provide monetary support to the Church
  • Comply with all civil regulations

We accomplish this by ensuring strong internal controls, providing an accounting for the sources and uses of funds, and by being a resource for parishes, schools, and agencies. We advise and assist these entities to insure that:

  • Church assets are properly safeguarded
  • All financial activity has been properly recorded on the entity’s books, and reported to their constituents
  • The entity is in compliance with all civil regulations and diocesan financial policies and procedures

Financial oversight is provided by the diocesan Finance Council, which is directly responsible to the bishop, and by routine financial audits. Deloitte and Touche, an international public accounting firm, conducts annual independent audits of:

  • The Central Administration
  • Mecklenburg Area Catholic Schools
  • Mecklenburg Area Catholic Schools Education Foundation
  • Bishop McGuinness Catholic High School
  • Catholic Social Services of the Diocese of Charlotte, North Carolina, Inc.
  • The Foundation of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Charlotte, Inc.
  • Catholic Diocese of Charlotte Housing Corporation
  • DL Catholic, Inc.

as well as auditing the consolidated financial statements of the diocese which includes all significant entities except for parishes, which report separately to their parishioners.