Being selected to be a peer leader on the 1st CLI in the Diocese of Charlotte was a powerful and formative experience for me. It introduced me to priests, nuns and lay leaders dedicated to sharing the good news of Jesus Christ and empowering young people to do the same. It provided me with a much more universal sense of church than my parish experience could provide.  It created an environment that fostered some of the deepest friendships in my life.  It continued to feed and challenge my faith well into my adulthood.  It also profoundly influenced my career path including opportunities to work in youth ministry for 25 years and with young adult Catholics in higher education currently.

Mike Hagarty – Diocese of Charlotte Youth Ministry Intern and Search Coordinator, 1980-1981

At the beginning of my week at Faithful Servant, I felt unqualified and not skilled enough to be a truly Catholic leader. By the end of the week I not only became friends with some of the most amazing people I’ve ever met, but recognized in myself that call of Christ to be a faithful servant and light to others.

Catherine Yellico – St Michael’s, Gastonia

Faithful Servant is a program that has allowed me to gain a better understanding of what it means to be one of Gods disciples. I have learned how to incorporate my catholic values into everyday things like decision making, group work, and my school life. The first night of Faithful Servant was taken up with a brutal panic attack but thanks to some wonderful leaders I was able to defeat my anxiety. This past year Faithful Servant was hosted at Belmont Abbey College, which has now become my dream school. Faithful Servant isn’t just somewhere you go to meet wonderful brothers and sisters of Christ. Faithful Servant is where you go to transform your life and focus your life on Christ. Faithful Servant has absolutely changed my life and I can’t wait until this summer to be in the presence of the Lord with some of the most life changing people I’ve met. Faithful Servant has truly helped me work toward becoming a disciple of his great mercy.

Katelyn Meyer – Holy Cross, Kernersville

Faithful Servant Leadership Institute gave me an opportunity to learn the leadership skills, and attitude necessary to build great teams and lead in a Christ like manner. It has been a great way for me to make awesome Catholic friends who are excited about leading our Church to heaven and who are interested in having a great time while doing it. All in all FS is a wonderful program that teaches you to be a humble, servant leader who values all the members of any group and one who isn’t afraid to have fun! 10/10 would recommend!!!

Odus Hamilton Dulin III – St Thomas Aquinas, Charlotte

I got to Faithful Servant because I witnessed how it had impacted my brothers and sister and I wanted to be impacted similarly. I was very interested in how I could better lead personally in my individual involvements in the Church. There, I experienced authentic Catholic community and beautiful examples of how to live a Catholic life of servant leadership. Now I am applying the skills I learned at FS to being an active college student, taking initiative on campus and in the local Catholic community to serve those around me and do the work of the Kingdom.

Andrew Torres, St. Barnabas, Arden

I am currently the Youth Minister at St. Matthew Parish in Charlotte, North Carolina. The first Faithful Servant that I attended was in 2010, when I was a freshman in High School. All I knew about the program was that my two older siblings had attended and had so much fun! As a middle schooler, the idea of a faith-based camp being fun was mind-boggling to me, so I had to see what this “leadership institute” was all about. Not only did I have the most fun in my life, but I formed true friendships that will last for the rest of my life, grew in my relationship with Christ, and acquired fundamental skills to authentically live out my Catholic faith. I became a Catholic leader in my parish youth group and in youth ministry for the Diocese of Charlotte. I had the privilege to be a peer leader my Sophomore and Senior years of High School and help others in developing their leadership skills. I am confident that the experience I gained from Faithful Servant guided me throughout college and led to where I am now. I would not be a Youth Minister and working to build up the Kingdom of God if it wasn’t for Faithful Servant!

Daniel Torres, St. Matthew, Matthews

The Faithful Servant Leadership Institute profoundly altered my life by introducing me to the truth of the Gospel and the wonder of Catholic life.  It’s teachings and example set my heart on fire with love for the Catholic Church and ultimately led me to Franciscan University with the single goal of becoming a great saint.  There is not a dimension of my life unaffected by Faithful Servant, and for its impact I am forever grateful.

Nick Larkins – St. Michael, the Archangel, Raleigh

My name is Christopher Silvestri. I go to St. John Neumann in Charlotte. I first heard about Faithful Servant from my then youth minister, Meredith Paul. It was the training that all members of our Parish Youth Council went to.  While at Faithful Servant, I grew in both my leadership and my faith. I was presented with challenges that would help me in the years to come. This week reinforced several of the skills I had learned in Scouting but showing me how it tied into my faith life. Faithful Servant has really left such a positive impact on my life. The things I learned at Faithful Servant continue to help shape how I use my leadership to this day. It taught me how to be a servant leader in every aspect of my life. I have truly been blessed in being able to participate in multiple years, at different levels, as a participant, as a peer leader, and now serving on the adult team. I would recommend this training to all teen leaders in the Diocese, no matter how much experience or training you may have, Faithful Servant is sure to leave a positive mark on your heart.

Christopher Silvestri – St John Neumann, Charlotte