Diocesan Youth Convocation

From her love of and belief in her youth, the Diocese of Charlotte wants to be accompany them as they become more conscious of their own personality and grow in eagerness to assume their own responsibilities, as they yearn to play their part in the social and cultural life of their community and the world, as they grow in zeal for life,  to ensure their success!

Their zeal for life must be imbued with the spirit of Christ and inspired by obedience and love for the Church.  And when this happens there will be good fruit for the world. It’s our job to help youth become the best persons, the best Disciples of Jesus, and best agents for change in the world. In order to do this we seek their help.  We want to hear from them. We need to listen to each other with honesty and respect, asking, “What are your concerns, your questions, your perceptions of reality?”

So, at the end of this month, April 26-28, in conjunction with the 42nd annual Diocesan Youth Conference, we will be holding an historic event, a Diocesan Youth Convocation. We’re asking every parish of the Diocese to send delegates to the Convocation which will focus on three areas; faith, morality and evangelization.

If you would like to be a  Convocation delegate or want more information, please call Paul Kotlowski at 704-370-3211, or email him at paulk@charlottediocese.orgYou can register in the youth Ministry event section at CharlotteDiocese.org.