Faithful Servant

Faithful Servant Catholic Leadership Institute is designed for high school aged youth and adults who work with them. It combines a wide variety of learning modalities, including visual, verbal, logical, physical, and aural. Regardless of participants’ ultimate vocational call, Faithful Servant provides a foundation of insight into discipleship coupled with proven life skills.

Diocesan Youth Convocation

In conjunction with the 42nd annual Diocesan Youth Conference, we will be holding an historic event, a Diocesan Youth Convocation. We’re asking every parish of the Diocese to send delegates to the Convocation which will focus on three areas; faith, morality and evangelization.

High School Retreat

Do you have a friend who is willing to die for you? Are you willing to die for any of your friends? What about someone that you’ve never met, a stranger? Come prayerfully wrestle with these huge questions and explore the deep, deep depths of God’s love for us and how he challenges how we are to love one another.”