Covid 19 Faith Formation Resources

Parish staff and volunteers can minister to their communities by calling people at home and seeking opportunities to use technology to connect individuals and communities.

All parish catechetical leaders are encouraged to consider alternative ways to promote at-home faith formation during these unprecedented times. Since most parishes purchase faith formation materials from a publisher, the first step for many parish catechetical program leaders is to contact your local/regional sales representative who can provide information about how to access online curriculum and/or other digital materials. 

Electronic delivery systems (parish app, text-alert system, email, streaming AV services and teaching tools, etc.) can offer content and engage the entire family with the goal of living and sharing faith within the home. Some of these may include parish-provided or free platforms such as FORMED or Ascension Presents, where families can view videos on the Saints, Sacraments and more.

A listing of several good resources can be found below along with links to their individual sites.  These will be added to the website by tomorrow afternoon as well for you to utilize and share with your parishioners should you choose.

Online Resources: