Covid 19 Faith Formation Resources

Parish staff and volunteers can minister to their communities by calling people at home and seeking opportunities to use technology to connect individuals and communities.

All parish catechetical leaders are encouraged to consider alternative ways to promote at-home faith formation during these unprecedented times. Since most parishes purchase faith formation materials from a publisher, the first step for many parish catechetical program leaders is to contact your local/regional sales representative who can provide information about how to access online curriculum and/or other digital materials. 

Sacramental Preparation

For all parish catechetical program leaders looking for programs specific to sacramental preparation.


Springs of Life

  • New from Loyola Press! Springs of Faith is a baptismal preparation and family formation program thoughtfully created to meet the needs of young adults and families who long for a community of faith and are considering having their children baptized in the Catholic Church.

Starting Point

  • A free program (except for shipping) offered by Dynamic Catholic 
    • Includes a Leader Guide, DVD, and A Parent’s Journal for Dreaming
    • Additional free resources sent via email

Confirmed in the Spirit

  • Confirmation is a vital step in the journey of young Catholics maturing in their faith. Confirmed in the Spirit is a comprehensive, flexible, fully bilingual Confirmation preparation program that speaks with relevance to the hearts and lives of young people. Through Scripture, prayer, in-depth content, and age-appropriate opportunities for reflective and active experiencesConfirmed in the Spirit prepares young people for Confirmation and the next phase of their lives as Catholics.

Decision Point

  • Free program (except for shipping) by Dynamic Catholic 
  • Includes 72 short films, a student workbook, and a leader guide

Chosen (English/Spanish)

  • Ascension Press
  • Includes student workbook, 8 DVD-Set w/ 24-lessons (15-20 min. each), and leader’s guide

Encounter with Christ

  • From Our Sunday Visitor, “Encounter with Christ” teaches us how the Holy Spirit seals us into deeper union with Christ and communion with his Church. Through the Spirit’s Gifts, we participate in the Church’s mission to be witnesses of the faith.

Sophia Sketchpad

First Reconciliation & Eucharist


  • “Signs of Grace: You are Forgiven”
    • From the Augustine Institute, “Signs of Grace”prepares children to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation for the first time by exploring the mercy and grace Jesus offers us in Confession.
  • God’s Gift: Reconciliation & The Eucharist
    • From Loyola Press, God’s Gift: Reconciliation and Eucharist offers powerful, meaningful lessons to help children and their parents understand, prepare for, and celebrate the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist. Engaging children’s hearts and minds through prayer opportunities, active learning, and compelling videos, God’s Gift leads children to a life of faith and discipleship.
  • Encounter with Christ
    • From Our Sunday Visitor, Encounter with Christ includes programs for Reconciliation, Eucharist, and Confirmation. Encounter with Christ helps children reflect on practical ways to live as disciples, drawing upon the grace received in the Sacraments.


  • “Signs of Grace: You are Loved”
    • From the Augustine Institute, “Signs of Grace”prepares children to receive the Sacrament of Holy Communion for the first time by revealing the intimate love that God has for us. Bring children AND their parents closer to the Eucharist with You Are Loved!
  • Blessed is a free program (except for shipping) by Dynamic Catholic
    • Includes 42 animated short films, student workbook, leader guide, and a Children’s Prayer Process Card
Marriage Preparation

Symbolon Series (English/Spanish) from the Augustine Institute 

  • Available for free with a subscription to FORMED

Credo is a free program developed with the Dominican friars at the Thomistic Institute

  • Note: Catechist Guide, Participant guide, and Prayer Book available for purchase

Team R.C.I.A. 

  • Includes printed resources, articles, online and in-person training through webinars, e-mail courses, downloads, and discussion forums