tryon_stjohn_1962_websmallOn October 22, 1911 the original St. John the Baptist Church in Tryon, NC was dedicated by Bishop-Abbot Leo Haid, OSB. The church was established by the Benedictine Fathers of Belmont Abbey, and in fact, the church was the first constructed in the Abbatia Nullius of Belmont Abbey. In 1944, eight of the nine counties within the territory of the Abbatia Nullius were ceded to the Diocese of Raleigh and so St. John the Baptist came under the care of diocesan priests. With the formation of the Diocese of Charlotte in 1972 the church would again change jurisdictions. The original St. John the Baptist Church was destroyed by fire in 1959. The second (and current) church was dedicated in 1962 by Diocese of Raleigh Bishop Vincent Waters.