The National Black Catholic Congress

The National Black Catholic Congress, comprised of member organizations, represents African American Roman Catholics, working collaborating with National Roman Catholic organizations.

We commit ourselves to establishing an agenda for the evangelization of African Americans; and physical conditions of African Americans, thereby committing ourselves to the freedom and growth of African Americans as full participants in church and society.

Aware of the challenges, we are committed to evangelize ourselves, our church and unchurched African Americans, thereby enriching the Church. We hold ourselves accountable to our baptismal commitment to witness and proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Every five years since 1987, the NBCC has convened a congress, culminating in a Plan of Action. Months before each congress, dioceses hold “Days of Reflection” on the chosen theme. These gatherings build anticipation for the congress and enable people nationwide to contribute their prayerful ideas to the program and five-year action plan.