In A Word

The Media Production Center is a ministry of of the Divine Word Missionaries in the Southern United States. The Divine Word Missionaries is a worldwide missionary group of priests and brothers. Founded in 1875 the SVD’s (as they are called) opened the first seminary for African American men in 1919. For years this was the only place young men could study for the priesthood.

The Center originally began creating slide shows for use in catechesis back in 1977. In 1981 the Center became a full time ministry. Offices were and still are located at the historic St. Augustine Seminary in Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi.

The Society of the Divine Word since its beginnings in 1875 has always valued the importance of communication in spreading the good news. From the beginning the Order established printing presses in the countries where they labored. So it was no wonder that the priests and brothers of the Divine Word Southern Province felt it good to reach out with the printed word. So it was the monthly newsletter called IN A WORD began in 1983.