The African American Affairs Ministry Diocese of Charlotte was born May 17th 1985 from a group of ten individuals calling themselves the committee for concerned Black Catholics. The committee met to discuss issues and concerns they felt were particular to Black Catholics in the Diocese of Charlotte. Out of the meeting emerged a resounding need to give visibility to the work of Black Catholics in the diocese and to educate various diocesan groups to the contributions of Black Catholics in the various parishes.

In July 1985, the ministry was officially begun as the Diocesan Committee on Black Catholic Ministry and Evangelization, and was a part of the diocesan Ministry for Justice and Peace. In August 1989 it became a separate office to address and serve the needs and concerns of Black Catholics within the Diocese of Charlotte. The ministry; renamed The African American Affairs Ministry is now one that is fully recognized by the diocese and supported by the Bishop. Its primary goal is to give visibility to the work, contributions, traditions and culture of Black Catholics to the Church and to society, and to propose adequate diocesan responses to racism and other social injustices.

The Ministry plans and conducts a variety of programs, retreats, workshops and events during the year that are open to all in the diocese. The ministry also maintains linkages within the diocesan community, with regional and national networks among Black Catholic leadership, and with other relevant national organizations.


  • Integrate Culture
  • Fellowship of Black Catholics
  • Engage Youth to Learn about the Catholic Faith
  • Teach about the Black Catholic Faith
  • Evangelize ourselves – Educate Us
  • Promote greater understanding of our culture and lifestyle
  • Agents for change and for justice for our people

*The terminology “Black Catholics” is used here to include all Roman Catholics of African descent, and Africans who reside in the United States.