A Simple Way to Include the Church in your Will PDF Print E-mail

Including the Church in your will through a simple bequest is one of the most popular ways to make a gift through your estate. This allows you to take care of your family and friends first as well as continue the work of your parish, Catholic School, Catholic agency, the Diocese, or the Foundation for the Diocese. In addition, it costs you nothing during your lifetime. For every multimillion dollar charitable bequest you may have read about, countless other gifts of all sizes are made by people of all means and all walks of life.

There are three simple ways to include the Church through a bequest gift in your will:

Giving a Specific Amount - Stating a dollar amount in your will offers certainty as to the amount that will ultimately be given to the Church. If you plan to update your will regularly and you are certain that funds will be adequate to satisfy the dollar amount you wish to give, this may be a good option for you to consider.

Giving a Percentage – Leaving a percentage of your assets through a bequest gift allows for automatic adjustment along with the total value of your property. This is a popular method for a bequest gift when there is uncertainty about the total amount of the final estate.

Giving all or part of “what’s left” – Taking care of the interests of your family and other loved ones always comes first in estate planning. If you are not comfortable leaving a specific amount or a percentage of your assets, you may choose the option of giving from the residue or “what’s left” after providing adequately for your loved ones. You can choose that all, or a specific amount, or a percentage of the remainder of your assets be given to your parish, Catholic School, Catholic agency, the Diocese or the Foundation for the Diocese.

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