Safety and Risk Control Manual PDF Print E-mail

pdf I. Protecting Our Property - Building and Contents

pdf II. Transportation (Cars, Vans and Buses)

pdf III. Emergency Procedures (Diocesan)
Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA):
Are You Ready - Your Guide To Disaster Preparedness

pdf IV. Incident Reporting

pdf V. Special Functions/activities: On/off Premises (Parish or Outside Groups)

pdf VI. General Liability and Workers’ Compensation

pdf VII. Athletic Programs

pdf VIII. Food Handling

pdf IX. Sexual Misconduct

pdf X. First Aid and Medical Emergencies

pdf XI. Contracting for Services

pdf Appendix 1: Protected Self-Insurance Program

pdf Appendix 2:• Survey of Exterior Conditions and Operations Self-Inspection Checklist
• Survey of Interior Conditions and Operations Self-Inspection Checklist
• Elementary School Supplement Self-Inspection Checklist

pdf Appendix 3
• Risk Control Guide To Parish Maintenance
• Why Did It Happen?
• Information Derived From Claimant
• Information For Sidewalk Accidents
• Accident Investigation Checklist
• Accident Report, Auto and Truck
• Supervisor's Investigation Report
• Loss Report, Property
• Accident Report - General/Products Liability

pdf Appendix 4
• Incident Report
• Accident Information
• Employer's Report of Injury To Employee
• Automobile Insurance Identification Card
• Volunteer Driver Information Sheet
• Assumption of Risk Release of Liability and Hold Harmless Agreement
• Outside User/Special Events Coverage
• Parent Permission Form
• Sports and Youth Activity Permission Form
• Child/Minor Athletic Participation Release Form
• Waiver and Release Form
• Adult Athletic Participation Sign-In and Release Form

pdf Appendix 5: Public Playground Safety